About Us

Eleide Activewear started in 2016 when our founder was presented a unique opportunity to bring the color, personality and flare of her home country of Brazil to a sport that she loved playing. Her brother owns a small company in Brazil that sells activewear and presented the idea of her designing some tennis skirts. She jumped at the opportunity to add some fun to her tennis outfits and noticed the immediate interest from her teammates and even opponents.

In the beginning, it was hard figuring out sizing. Her goal was not to just hit younger generations, but all ages! She then started with two designs; The double layer (her fav) and the A-line. A-line is more versatile for all body types and more secure or covering. The double layer is more sassy and short with personality- all flare!

We hope everyone enjoys are colorful, playful, and comfortable designs and feels amazing no matter what they’re into.

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