Our Story

Eleide Activewear's roots run deep.

In 2016, Eleide Shelton was presented with a unique opportunity to combine her favorite parts of life: tennis, fashion, and where she's from: Brazil.  Owning a small clothing business in Brazil, Eleide's brother encouraged her to start her own business to spread the colors, flare, and personality of their home.  When she wore activewear skirts from her brother to her tennis matches, she not only caught the attention of teammates, but of her opponents too.

Realizing this could be an adventure of a lifetime, Eleide knew what she had to do.  She noticed that most tennis players wore dull, solid-color outfits, leading her to Eleide Activewear's number one goal: to have fun.  With her brother's love and support, Eleide began picking colors, patterns, cuts, and styles that she felt could excite anyone in them.

Now, Eleide Activewear is on its way up.  She expanded her goals and motivations beyond fun patterns and colors to include various sizing for all ages.  She has also maximized comfort for wearing and caring for her clothing.  Even futher, she's recognized the versatility of her activewear! Eleide has suitable pieces for the golfer, tennis player, yoga-goer, and everyone in between.

Eleide Activewear is precision, care, versatility, inclusivity, and extreme attention to detail, and none of it would be possible without Eleide and her team.

Eleide thanks every person who has helped her through this process.  She continually acknowledges the support she has from family, friends, and especially customers.